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Kratom Nusantara is a trusted kratom supplier in Indonesia with free shipping on wholesale to bulk orders. Buying high quality kratom from direct Indonesian suppliers has its own advantages that you can’t experience in other shops, because only here you will experience fresh kratom and also premium quality at a relatively cheap price.

Kratom Nusantara is a direct kratom supplier and also a collection of kratom farmers in the Kaliamantan region – Indonesia. We have been dedicated to planting kratom trees to make kratom a plant that can support the economy of Indonesian people, specifically in the West Kalimantan region. With great enthusiasm, we present the best products with a process that is 100% clean and free from pesticides, making many of our customers love genuine kratom products from kratom suppliers such as Kratom Nusantara.

Not only that, during the delivery process we also guarantee that the package we send to you will arrive at your doorstep safely. So you will be able to immediately taste how high the quality of our kratom is for you. So never hesitate to buy kratom from us, whether it’s a wholesale order or a bulk order of kratom from us, we will guarantee your satisfaction.

We also open business opportunities for you to run in every area where you live by opening a kratom shop. We will be ready to serve you wholeheartedly with the best supplies and cheaper prices compared to other shops so that you will get big profits from selling kratom in your area. Visit Indonesia’s trusted kratom supplier now, only at Kratom Nusantara.

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Determine the kratom strain you want and the amount.

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What makes us different

Buy natural, sustainable and chemicalfree products from local sellers across the country. We are a strong community of 100,000+ customers and 600+ sellers who aspire to be good, do good.

Kratom in our area is not particularly well grown, but they grow well where you drop the seeds. This means that this is fertile soil for kratom to grow and has a high alkaloid content. So we don’t use pesticides in maintaining kratom trees, because naturally our kratom trees are free from harmful pests.

Apart from being supported by fertile soil which makes kratom trees grow well and have high levels of alkaoids, in every processing of fresh kratom leaves until they become powder, we also maintain them until they become a premium powdered kratom product that is very popular with everyone.

Prices are cheaper than other kratom suppliers and our kratom is also fresher. Apart from that, you get a delivery guarantee and free delivery from us. Still not satisfied with that? We will give you the cheapest price and negotiate prices if you order kratom on a wholesale scale or order bulk kratom.

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